Encounter outcome


I need to save the outcome from a finished encounter.
This outcome can assume a list of values that represent different meanings. Examples:

  • The patient was forwarded to the emergency room
  • The patient was forwarded to virtual encounter
  • The encounter was aborted
  • The patient should visit a clinic
  • The patient should be discharged from hospitalization

Even assuming some values related to the encounter class, or encounter status, other values represent the result of the encounter, like forwarding to another encounter.

I do not have information about the clinical resources associated with the encounter, like service requests, forwarded specialties or observation, only about the encounter outcome information itself.

Should I create a new extension on Encounter, that involves this info (status, class, outcome, etc) or should I use a resource defined to this content of information?


Have you looked at Encounter.hospitalization.dischargeDisposition?

Hello @lloyd,

Thanks, it helped me!