Encounter Referencing the Task that created it

I am following Option G of the Workflow Pattern:

Step 8 suggests I should Update the Task resource to change its status to completed and point it to the event resource
(I would post an image of option G and the steps here, but I am a new user limited to 1 image in a post)

If I have this current state:

How could I create a reference between Task1 & Encounter1? None of the standard fields on the Task or Encounter seem to allow it. Do I use the encounter field on the Task resource? It mentions it is the encounter that created the task though, not the encounter that the task created.

Task.output would point to the Encounter - as the Encounter is a result of acting on the Task.

Also, the relationship from Task to ServiceRequest should be ‘focus’, not ‘basedOn’. The Task is saying “please fulfill this ServiceRequest”, meaning that the ServiceRequest is the focus of the Task. Task.basedOn would be used if you wanted to say “please suspend order X because of the pending hospitalization initiated by order Y”. In that case, X would be focus and Y would be basedOn because Y provides the authorization for the Task as opposed to being the target of the Task.

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