Event Resource for CarePlan

As workflow in FHIR, most request resources have their event resources. For example, MedicationAdministration for MedicationRequest, Procedure for ServiceRequest,…etc.

Is there any event resource for CarePlan?
I’m planning to use CarePlan resource to represent overall chemotherapy regimen (mostly a group of medication) and want to manage the progress of the entire CarePlan with some resource. Is Procedure resource, which should not be used if a more specific resource already exists, fit for such purpose?? Is there any more specific resource for the purpose?

I am using FHIR R4. Thanks.

CarePlans typically define expectations for a large number of events of different types - procedures, medications, observations, etc. It’s possible that a single over-arching event (e.g. an Encounter) could satisfy everything described in a CarePlan, but typically you’ll have distinct events for each ‘action’ in the CarePlan.

(As a side-note, there isn’t a 1…1 correspondence between the Request resources and events - e.g. a ServiceRequest might be satisfied by Procedure, Observation, DiagnosticReport, Encounter, and possibly a few others.)

Thank you Iloyd.
As you said, event resources do not exist on a one-to-one correspondence with request resources, but I want some over-arching Event resource to manage overall progress and administrative information of CarePlan in the same way that CarePlan resources summarize individual request resources referenced at CarePlan.activity.reference. A little bit more detailed information than just the CarePlan.status. Using the Encounter resource sounds like a good idea.
I’ll give it some thought. Thanks.