Example of CodeSystem $find-matches operation to search for a description?

Could anyone provide a simple example of how to call the new CodeSystem $find-matches operation to search a specific code system based on a partial text match? Like if I wanted to search for all ICD-10-CM codes containing the word “head” somewhere in the description how would I actually do that?

$find-matches isn’t really intended for that use. Better to use $expand with a text filter

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Thanks for the correction. However if I understand correctly, the $expand operation only applies to the ValueSet resource. Is there any way to search an entire CodeSystem for codes matching a description without creating a ValueSet first? Essentially I’m looking for a FHIR equivalent of the old HL7 CTS Vocabulary Browsing API lookupConceptCodesByDesignation method.

we haven’t defined any equivalent that doesn’t use value set. There should be a known value set for each code system that is ‘all the code system’ but that isn’t always in place. I would take further discussion to https://chat.fhir.org/#narrow/stream/179202-terminology

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