Expanse binding for adjudication.category

We have a question regarding the ClaimResponse.adjudication.category:

Adjudication Value Codes (Example) (which is specified as Terminology Binding for the the ClaimResponse.adjudication.category) provides appropriate values except one more that we need. Can we expanse binding specifying own value for the field, for example:

“coding”: [{
“system”: “urn:myOrganizationName:claim:categories”,
“code”: “cob”,
“display”: “Coordination of Benefit”}]

Do we need to register this system value (urn:myOrganizationName:claim:categories) in the HL7 OID registry or any other registries?

Thank you

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You can’t just make up URNs - you need to register the system with IANA. You could have a system that’s just a UUID if you wanted, but better practice is for it to be a URL.

Example bindings mean that you’re free to use whatever codes from whatever code system(s) you like - including net new code systems that you make up. However, from a standardization perspective, if you think your need will be shared by others, you might be best off proposing the addition of the new code into a ‘standard’ code system (and into the example value set) rather than making up something yourself.