ExplanationOfBenefit.Search (R4)

Hi Team,
We had tried to execute the ExplanationOfBenefit.Search (R4) but we keep getting the user not authorized error.
Seems like the sandbox data user does not have the required access to use ExplanationOfBenefit.Search (R4), can anybody help me so I can execute the claims Benefit API.
API URL I am using:
Is the above API correct to gather information to retrieve the Benefits Claims Information ?
Can somebody help me please as it’s an important part I am stuck for 3 days?


Have you tried reaching out to open@epic.com?

Yes i have emailed them also my only task is how can i use this api because i get everytime the same user not authorized error while other APIs i am successfully able to run it

Have you checked Epic’s documentation to confirm they actually support ExplanationOfBenefit at all?

Yes i saw in my sandbox data , users does not have the ExplanationOfBenefit & i saw in the APIs list this API is available in Fhir EPIC.
Can we ask someone to give the sandbox user the permission to use this API just to test.
Any help is very much appreciated

Hi Aditya,

If you think this is an issue unique to the Epic on FHIR sandbox, open@epic.com is the best contact. However, if you’re looking for information about FHIR or SMART or OAuth more generally, this forum or even chat.fhir.org are great resources.

It’s reasonable for the folks at o@e inbox to take a few days to investigate and respond. It’s a busy inbox with a wide variety of often technically complex questions. Please be patient.