Extending profiles to include a data sender field

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I’m trying to find the best approach to extend profiles with a data submitter field.

In my case, the data sender - a person can be:

  1. a classified value (where CodeableConcept would be used),
  2. as well as an unclassified value (the person is not in the classifier and the name, surname, and personal ID would be provided).

I have chosen to add this field to my profiles using a new extension. I have also looked at the MessageHeader resource, however this time the aim is to minimize the amount of data to be transferred. At the moment it is not clear to me whether FHIR allows the creation of both classified value and unclassified value within the same extension. Or should two separate extensions be created for this case?

Although I can technically create an extension and slice it with separate valueCodeableConcept and valueString types, I’m not sure that’s correct according to FHIR ideology.
Also, I can’t figure out how to add name, surname, personal ID (at the moment there is only valueString in the example, but I need 3 separate fields).

If you want to sometimes send both the coding and the person’s details an extension can have more that one element by using extensions.
You could have

  • InformationSource
    • InformationSourceClassification (CodeableConcept 0…1)
    • InformationSourcePerson(Reference[Patient|Practitioner|RelatedPerson] 0…1)

See Extension: otherName - FHIR v4.3.0 for something similar.

If only one value is allowed you could use something like

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It’s fine to define an extension that supports multiple data types (CodeableConcept and Reference, in this case). You might also look to using Provenance rather than an extension for this particular element.

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