FamilyMember ValueSet

Hi, Folks!

I have written a draft proposal for a FamilyMember ValueSet which I am promoting for use as an internal standard within the healthcare analytics company where I work. The FamilyMember ValueSet that I am proposing is intended to be used in place of the HL7 v3 Value Set FamilyMember, FamilyMember - FHIR v4.0.1. I would like to bring my proposal to the attention of the FHIR Community for community discussion and evaluation. So two questions: (1) What or where is the best forum to submit the proposal up for community discussion? and (2) In the event that there is sufficient community interest in using the ValueSet that I am proposing, what is the formal process required within FHIR to propose this work for inclusion in the FHIR standard, or where do I go to read up on that process?

Are you proposing a new ValueSet (selection of codes from existing code systems), new codes for an existing code system, or a complete new code system?

The v3 value set and code system aren’t actually part of FHIR - they’re maintained as part of the site and are shared across v2, v3, CDA, FHIR and possibly other standards.

The best place to discuss your proposal is probably - either the implementer stream or the terminology stream.

I am proposing a new code system. Thank you for your suggestion, Lloyd, I will connect with the terminology and implementer streams on as soon as I have some time.

Have you done so? I am eager to see your result.