FHIR and Terminology Server

Hi, I am a student and am currently working on the topic of interoperability and the use of FHIR and SNOMED CT in an EHR.
I have a question: I still don’t understand the difference between a FHIR server like the HAPI server and a terminology server like Ontoserver. Is there a difference between a FHIR server and a terminology server? So do you need both a FHIR server and a terminology server or is a terminology server with a FHIR API sufficient? Can anyone explain this to me?
Thank you in advance!

It is possible to have terminology servers that don’t support FHIR at all. A terminology server that exposes a FHIR interface can be considered a ‘sub-type’ of the sets of FHIR servers that are out there. HAPI has built-in support for many (though not all) terminology service functions - but it can also do lots of other things. Ontoserver is limited to only doing terminology services (and I believe it has interfaces other than just FHIR). It doesn’t do other things, but it does terminology extremely well.

Dear Lloyd, how can i get image quay.io/aehrc/ontoserver:ctsa-6 ?

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