Fhir ensures the persistence of documents over time?

If I create a clinical document with the resources of FHIR, and I store it in FHIR databases, this assures me the persistence of the document or rather the resources ??

You don’t say what ‘store it in FHIR databases’ means… the answer is very much ‘it depends’…

As a title job, I am experimenting by not using the Documentreferral resource to create a clinical document, for it select different resources that represent a CDA for patient referral to another health institution.
My question is if those resources are stored in a FHIR database (by which I mean that you can identify the structure of the resources), FHIR allows me to guarantee the persistence and contextual sense of a clinical document ???

FHIR doesn’t define rules for persistence, only for exchange. If you represent a document as a resource instance (Bundle starting with a Composition) or a DocumentReference with embedded binary content and then you faithfully store that resource and return it, then that should fully retain your document. But there are no “guarantees” in the base FHIR standard. If you want guarantees, you’ll need an implementation guide that clearly defines your expectations and some sort of legal agreement and/or testing mechanism among the participants to ensure those expectations are actually met.

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