FHIR footprint and extent of use

Looking for any of the following info:

  • Basic/high level stats on FHIR adoption
  • Companies using FHIR for their core clinical data models and the extent up to which they are adhering to FHIR

Hi, We don’t keep any information like this, let alone stats. It’s entirely up to implementers if they want to share this, and not that many do. You can ask on chat.fhir.org, but I’m not sure what you’ll get.

The best published stats I know of are these:

Thank you @grahamegrieve for sharing the links.
I understand it’s not easy to track such information, at least as of now.

Even while following FHIR, there’s always this balancing act and a selling to do to the internal dev team & stakeholders on the extent of adhering to FHIR v/s going custom. Things as simple as keeping the column names/keys to be as per FHIR, up to the entire models of resources.