Fhir Json Schema Validation error for Bundle and Encounter

I’m doing some validation with the most recent json schema published (version 4)(https://www.hl7.org/fhir/definitions.json.zip) and it seems that are some required properties that are missing. I found that out when I was trying to write some tests for validation Bundle and Encounter, in particular:

  • Encounter (version 4): from fhir specifications “status” and “class” are required, but in json schema only “class” is present for the “required” keyword
    -Bundle(version 4): from fhir specifications “type” is required, but not present in json schema in “required” keyword

Is this a known issue? Is it on purpose and if so, why?

It’s because the fhir type element can be present as either type or _type, and so the schema can’t make type (etc) required.