FHIR License question

I understand that this question is very basic, but I want to understand exact meaning, so please let me know.
On this site(License - FHIR v4.0.1), the FHIR license is explained as follows:

2.20.2 FHIR License
Copyright © 2011+ HL7.

This specification (specifically the set of materials included in the fhir-spec.zip file available from the Downloads page of this specification) is produced by HL7 under the terms of HL7® Governance and Operations Manual relating to Intellectual Property (Section 16), specifically its copyright, trademark and patent provisions.

This document is licensed under Creative Commons “No Rights Reserved” (CC0 ).

HL7®, HEALTH LEVEL SEVEN®, FHIR® and the FHIR ® are trademarks owned by Health Level Seven International, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Does the phrase “This document” include the FHIR Specification itself?

In other words, is the FHIR Specification licensed under a CC0 license?

Yes, the entire specification is licensed under CC0. (Though some of the content has additional license restrictions e.g. the pages that include Snomed CT content)

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Hello Graham,
Thank you for your reply.