FHIR mapping to Physical Conditions

This is to help correct FHIR resource mapping to system scenario.

I’m not really understanding the question. Can you expand a bit more?

Thanks for your reply.

I wanted to create a topic for helping and getting help on mapping of various physical conditions. For example - I needed to know exact FHIR resource for ‘Hydration’.

Hydration as in “assessment of”? That would be an Observation. Any time you’re gathering and recording information, you’re typically looking at Observation.

Thanks. Yes. it is part of observable entity. I’m specific to capture types of fluid and quantity intakes.

I see SNOMEDCT codes like-

SCTID: 364659006 - Measure of oral fluid intake
SCTID: 251853006 - Oral fluid input
SCTID: 301896005 - Time of last oral fluid intake
SCTID: 733908002 - Oral fluid offered

But nothing specific code in FHIR Observation resource.

The value set for Observation.code is an example binding - which means you can use any codes you wish - including the SNOMED codes you listed above.