FHIR Profile question : reference from other resources

I’m newbie to implement FHIR profile.
We created a new Patient resource extend from normal patient(Let’s say it is JPN-Patient).
But patient resource a common resource, so it’s referred by a lot of other resources.
For example, AllergyIntorerance.patient,Observation.subject,Procedure.subject and so on.

Do I have to change all “patient” reference to “JPN-Patient” and have to create each profile even if they don’t have other extensions?

Can you explain what you mean by “We created a new Patient resource”? Did you create a profile on the resource or did you actually define a new resource? (Note that the latter is non-conformant…)

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry for that my confusing explanation.
My question is the former.
This is our actual JPN-patient profile.

Other resources won’t point to your profile by default just be declaring a profile. However, if you actually create an implementation guide - and validate your instances indicating that the implementation guide applies, you can define ‘global’ profiles. That means that any time the validator sees a reference to the data type or resource declared in global.type , it’ll presume that the global.profile for that type applies. So if you specify global.type = “Patient” and global.profile = “[your profile canonical url]”, then any AllergyIntolerance instances would be validated checking that the subject they point to complies with your profile.