Fhir reference model and clinical information model

My question is in relation with the reference information model (rm) and the clinical information model (cim) of fhir ?! when i read the specifications of the fhir model, my first response to this question is that, the fhir resources are the rm and profiling the resources results in a cim. But when I take a look to the 80/20 rule defined by the fhir authors, I also think that the fhir resources are an already cim that can be used without any profiling ! what the community think about that ? can you recommend me some articles discussing that ?

I’m not aware of any articles about this topic. Formally, most of FHIR is based on HL7’s Reference Information Model (RIM), the same model as is used in HL7 v3 and in CDA. (There are some parts of FHIR like ValueSet and StructureDefinition that the RIM isn’t designed to cover.) Certainly much of FHIR is intended to be useable without any profiling. However, it depends on the resource and your needs whether an additional layer of modeling on top is necessary. Sometimes it’s enough to have “Observation”. Other times you may need a more specific model that describes how to do a CBC or a blood pressure.

Thank you lloyd for your response