FHIR resource and Validation

I would like to take a resource and validate it using Informatica DT
Can anyone tell me:
a. what would be a good resource to start with that is not over complicated ?
b. i have a sample FHIR json patient resource how exactly can i use an external server in order to validate it?
c. if there is a tutorial for either of the above please tell me

tx a lot,

a) Patient is the default ‘hello world’ example in the FHIR space (almost everyone needs and supports it and it has minimal constraints, so pretty easy to throw together a valid one
b) On the FHIR home page there’s a list of public test servers. Pick one and try posting
c) Probably somewhere, but using a public test server with a web interface isn’t really complex enough to need one.

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Hi, tx for your answer
I managed to do it.
can you please tell me where i can locate the patient and other resources schematrons?

If you look on the main page for a resource (e.g. Patient - FHIR v4.0.1) and look at the list of links right below the table that displays the resource, you’ll see a hyperlink for the “XML Schema/Schematron”. Be aware that both schema and Schematron validation are incomplete. You can find more information about validation considerations here

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