FHIR Resource for Nutrition & Diet domain

I am looking for a FHIR resource to store Nutrition reported by patients. With IoT and Phone Apps, recording what you eat became a good source of information that eventually plays a role in your healthcare.

I want to record Nutrition Information along with each time I eat.
What I eat
What nutrients it has
When I eat
Calorie information
Information that I can get from https://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/search/list.

Do we have a resource for this?

I propose we mode it just like Medication domain

What does community thinks?



Hi - A subgroup of Orders and Observations in collaboration with Patient Care is looking into the best approach for recording food intake data including food item detail and nutrient summary information. We need this too. Our original project scope for nutrition in FHIR included a resource proposal for NutritionStatement (as you have suggested). NutritionOrder resource is for request for diet, nutrition prescription (specific nutrient recommendations), request for oral nutrition supplementation (aka medical foods and beverages like ensure) and enteral (tube feedings). Our V3 nutrition model has supply and substance administration for nutrition, but for FHIR we were trying to see if we could use existing observation resource and/or Care Plan activity outcomes or potentially a new ActivityStatement that might work for nutrition and other things (precedures etc) that we need to record from the patient… Our next call is May 30th at 6 PM ET if you can join us (OO call - Nutrition on FHIR).


Thanks for the response Margaret. Please send call information and dial numbers to niranjank.sharma@gmail.com. I am curious to participate and collaborate on this resource modeling. Usage of Observation is very counter intuitive. IN reality Food & Drug are two most prominent intake. Drugs has established themself as first class citizen, time for Food to get the same position. There are more reasons as Nutrition informatics taking shape.

Please let me know.