FHIR Resource Schema / Spec Creation

Whether FHIR Provides Schema at a Resource level, because the Schema provided by FHIR is at a entity level rather than at Resource.

How to get one single FHIR Schema for a Resource with all the parent and child attributes in the schema. When I looked into the FHIR Schema, it has lot of child Schemas inside each resource Schema, The Schema is defined at a entity level and not at a Resource level, A Resource is made of multiple child Schemas.

For Ex : For Patient Resource, We have Patient.Schema under Patient.Schema we have HumanName.Schema.

Is there a Tool or Utility, that is available readily to build a JSON Specification at a Resource level from this multiple Parent and Child schema for a Resource ?

Or can we get a Resource JSON with all the available attributes (both parent and child attributes), So that we can build our own json schema from it ?

The Resource and data type definitions are available as both XML and JSON - look at the FHIR definitions links here: http://hl7.org/fhir/downloads.html