FHIR Resource Subscription


Is there a way to subscribe all resources linked to a particular MRN with a single subscription request.
The reason is, i want to fetch all updated resources as a bundle for a particular MRN (if the criteria matches).

I am trying to implement below subscription criteria on HAPI server:

“criteria”: “Patient/9/$everything?_lastUpdated=gt2018-09-05T11:02:59.777+05:30”,

but looks like the allowed syntax for criteria is “Resource?[params]”, something like this “criteria”: “Observation?code=http://loinc.org|1975-2”,

Any inputs on this will be much appreciated !!!

Sahil Khanna

Not sure. Further discussion here: https://chat.fhir.org/#narrow/stream/75-subscriptions/subject/Subscription.20Question