FHIR Search defintion in condition domain

there is a definition to search by: “date-recorded”

while implementing it in c# , I cannot define a variable name with ‘-’ char, and the asp.net webApi cannot recognize it as URL parameter
can you suggest a solution?

Chen Uzan

My server (and I believe others) are doing specific parsing on the query parameters rather than trying to let the model binders in webapi do that part.

You will highly likely need to have a custom one anyway so that you can handle the search modifiers/prefixes which are defined in the spec here

Also the standard .net serializers need to be replaced with custom ones as noted in this stack overflow article

Hope this is of some use.

You may want to look at how this is done in the open source Spark Server by Furore
(Just highlighting the XML Formatter, but all the rest of the code is there too)


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