FHIR Validation

Hello all! I am still relatively new to FHIR, and as such I could use some community guidance.

At my company we are moving towards utilizing FHIR for our inputs and outputs. We have a wide variety of profiled and custom resources (off of basic) and our next step is to validate said models. Any recommendations of community standards? From what I have read, using an online repository such as Simplifier or running our own FHIR server for validation seem like the two best approaches for validation of standard and non-standard resources. Are there other recommendations?

Lastly, are there tools which can help generate JSON schema from our definitions?

Thank you!

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well, there’s some engineering questions that apply. What kind of throughput do you need? What happens if validation fails? But in general, a HAPI server is the most configurable system, and has the best validator (the simplifier validator is catching up at the moment)

Json schema: no, there are no tools to generate json schema from profiles, and the general case problem is insoluble, since json schema can’t say everything that needs to said about slicing. it’s possible it could say what you need, but the tooling doesn’t exist.

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Hi Andrew (@rjeymonk),

Simplifier.net can be a great platform to visualize all your FHIR specifications, collaborate on them and the documentation around it and publish them publicly or privately. And is has powerful Quality Control that can validate them against the FHIR Specification and your (non-standard) profiles (the .NET implementation and also the Java validator Grahame mentions above) and against any custom business rules you can express in FHIRPath.

Simplifier is mostly used in the specification development and publishing stage. If you’re looking for run-time validation a FHIR server like HAPI or Firely Server (or the libraries they’re build on) will be more suited, or you can even have separate cloud components that focus only on validation itself for easy integration.

Hope that helps!

Best regards,
PO Data modeling at Firely

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Thank you Grahame and Ward for your advice! I think my next step is to download a FHIR server to play around with.

Thanks again!


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