FHIR workflow management


I have a question about FHIR workflow management. I have browsed the FHIR documentation, but there is still something I can’t figure out.

Someone told me that FHIR is able to “manage” workflows. In fact, there are resources that embed a “status” parameter that allows to follow a workflow.
But I am wondering if FHIR provides methods to manage these workflows or if we have to handle them manually, by updating the resources to change their status.
Also, is their a validation mecanism that prevents from updating a resource status with an unappropriate transition? For example, with the Task resource, would it be possible to change the status from “in-progress” to “ready”?
Anyway, is their a way to check before the update if the transition is allowed?

Thank you

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FHIR doesn’t define “inappropriate” state transitions. Any transition is theoretically legal as it might be a correction of a previous incorrect transition. The usual expectation is that transitions will occur using simple updates, though operations could be defined if there was a need to manage them with something other than a simple update.

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So now it’s clear, the diagrams in the FHIR documentation were a little confusing.

Thanks a lot!