Filter days in schedules without appointments


we have a use case where selecting a calendar this must show what days a practitioner has appointments or no. O filtering the query better, what days no have appointment. How do you do this in the most correct way? Is there a calendar resource that can be used?


The Slot resource shows what time-periods are theoretically available as which slots are booked and which are still open.

Thanks Lloyds

The problem is how return the data. We wan’t return schedules, only a resource with that list. So I was wondering if there is any calendar type resource, list …

I do not know if I’m explaining myself well

If you perform a search against Slot, you’ll get back a search-set Bundle that contains the slots for the period you’re interested in. There’s no grouping resource for slots because we haven’t identified any need for one. You just query for the range of slots you’re interested in.