Food - Attributes - which resource?

Looking for recommendation - for capturing food related attributes

Does this align to NutritionIntake or is there another resource

Food The name of the food item. Just carbs for manually entered data
MealType The mealtype would be breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack
ServingSize Food serving size
ServingType The food serving type
Carbs The amount of carbs per serving
Fiber The amount of fiber per serving
Fat The amount of fat per serving
Calories The amount of calories per serving
Protein The amount of protein per serving
Sodium The amount of sodium per serving
ServingsConsumed The number of servings consumed in the food record
UnitsofMeasure The unit of measure for the carbs
WaterQuantity Water intake per 8 oz

Any guidance is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

These would all be in NutritionIntake. Most would be ingredientLabel.amount. However, the first 3 would go under consumedItem. UnitsOfMeasure are captured in amount.code.