Free Fhir books

Hello community, I’m new in Fhir, but I’m really interested to know more about it.
Do have any free books to recommend ? or any source of information to know more about fhir?
for the ones who become experts in Fhir, how you did it ?
Please share it with me anything may be interesting .
Thank you,

No free books, but the specification is free and so are the vast majority of implementation guides. There are also lots of free blogs, open test servers and lots of free recorded education. is a great resource when you’ve gone through all of those other resources and find you still have questions.

Those who are experts mostly became that way by doing - writing code, creating reference implementations, building implementation guides, participating in community discussions, reading the answers of others and eventually starting to answer questions themselves. There’s always room for more, and always people who are happy to help - so long as you’re willing to put in the effort to try to help yourself first.


Thank you so much for this information.

I think understanding the domain and how to use these resources is quite hard from just browsing implementation guides and whatnot when you are new to the domain. I certainly was not able to. Re-doing all the work that exists yourself is only free if your time is worthless, so I would at least save yourself some grief by getting a good overview of the domain through some vetted info :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I found both of these quite worth my while:

  • Hacking healthcare
  • Principles of Health interoperability (FHIR, HL7 and SNOMED)

While not free, they are certainly almost free when compared to taking any class on these subjects (which is also worthwhile, should I add: taking the HL7 Fundamentals now).


Thank you so much for your answer.