Gestational Age?

Hello all,

What is the right fhir resource and location for gestational age? My guess is Observation with a snomed/loinc code, but I haven’t been able to identify much online for where this should be implemented.

Looking at HL7’s fhir website, I’ve identified this: (, but if I’m reading this right it’s in the R4 and current is R3.

How are people currently making this information available?

Alternatively, we could get the Estimated Delivery Date and do a calculation or two :slight_smile:



ObservationDefinition lets you describe what the notion of “gestational age” is and how it should be captured. Observation would allow you to capture the gestational age of a particular fetus at a particular point in time.

There are over 150 different LOINC concepts for gestational age. So just be careful which one you pick since they are all subtly different in ways that may or may not be significant depending on your use case.