Getting started with SDC $extract


the SDC is a really good an elaborate resource and describes in a lot of detail how data extractions can be done on the QuestionnaireResponse. However, I would like to try this with an example (observation-based extraction to start with). Could someone point me to a server implementation that supports the $extract method, or support me in searching one?

Thank you, and have a lovely day,

There are 2 I know of (using Observation):
Telstra Health$extract
(This one also supports the Definition approach too - not quite conformant, but close)$extract

My personal demo project$extract
(This one doesn’t support the definition approach - yet)

These are different implementations of the spec, the latter I’m the developer/maintainer.

There is also a community chat where you can ask questions about this functionality too

Thank you for your valuable links, I managed to perform data extraction on my own QuestionnaireResponse resource using the sqlonfhir server. Looks like SDCs Form Data Extraction has not been widely adopted yet.

Thanks again, have a nice day