Getting started with SDC for beginners: good resources?

The FHIR documentation is usually quite good from a reference point of view, when you know what you are looking for, but I am looking for pointers on how to going through the typical journey from knowing nothing about FHIR to being able to actually design and implement questionnaires using SDC.

There is surprisingly little beginner material online or in book stores, but I have tried chewing on what I could find. I have so far read the Principles of Health interoperability (FHIR, HL7 and SNOMED), done the FHIR Fundamentals class, and today I found Lloyd’s presentation on Questionnaire’s and the SDC IG from the 2018 DevDays (and the powerpoint!). The only thing I haven’t done so far is try Lloyd’s FHIR Questionnaire class on Path LMS.

Is there anything else I have missed? :smile: Still feel a bit underwhelmed at the choice of educational material for implementing. There’s a ton of snippets and questionnaire examples, but something like a complete toy implementation of SDC with code (in Java, C#, or JS) on GitHub would be great to use as a reference.

The LHCForms code is available here: GitHub - lhncbc/lforms: See the project website at, or view the demo website at, though I wouldn’t call it a ‘toy’ implementation. They’ve also got a form viewer, a SMART app and a few other projects.

There have been a few more recent DevDays SDC/questionnaire presentations. Newest one is this one: Brian Posthletwaite - FHIR Questionnaires and Structured Data Capture | DevDays June 2021 Virtual - YouTube, though I don’t know that the content will be super different from the 2018 one.

The other resource is obviously the =#Questionnaire stream on Zulip.

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Thank you. It is of course a gold mine of a resource to be able to query the authors of the spec like this, but at the same time I want to avoid bothering you if possible :slightly_smiling_face:

I maintain a few open source projects myself, and being able to direct users to some fleshed out answers on Stack Overflow, "getting started with " articles or code repos cuts down on the need for answering repetitive answers by a lot, so that’s why I value forums like these (that are highly ranked in Google) above IRC/Slack/… But the latter is certainly great for small q stuff and when you are not quite sure what you are not getting! I’ll try to summarize the learning journey somewhere as we go along implementing this thing to give other newbies some pointers.

That would be awesome. Because SDC has so many different components, there’s no single “getting started” path, so it’s more challenging to do something like that. Very happy to see whatever you’re willing to share.