Google Authorization Error

I usually use Google Auth to login but it looks like that is not working anymore. I get the error below. Fortunately I see we now have a login by email link, so using that for now so this is not a train smash. I just thought it might be something to look into for the webmaster(s).

Authorization Error
Error 400: invalid_request

You can't sign in to this app because it doesn't comply with Google's OAuth 2.0 policy for keeping apps secure.

You can let the app developer know that this app doesn't comply with one or more Google validation rules.
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Request Details
The content in this section has been provided by the app developer. This content has not been reviewed or verified by Google.
If you’re the app developer, make sure that these request details comply with Google policies.

Pretty sure this is related to the lack of TLS (talked about in this forum thread). As you can see from Google’s own validation rules, the endpoint MUST have TLS enabled:

Scheme Redirect URIs must use the HTTPS scheme, not plain HTTP. Localhost URIs (including localhost IP address URIs) are exempt from this rule.

P.S. Nice to see you here too, Blessed :wink:

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Nice to see you here too Carl-Erik :nerd_face:

Thanks for that clarification about the Google TLS requirements, makes total sense.