Group Observation Resources

i want to use different Observation resources for a single blood pressure measurement (systolic, diastolic and heart rate). What should be a good way to group this resources?
I know I can send all this data in a single resource, but i need to send them separate and later be able to know wich ones belong to the same session :confused:


You actually should use different Observations for all 3. That’s best practice. Common practice is to also create a parent “blood pressure” Observation that has two “related” links that point to the systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements. If you consider “heart rate” to be part of that same observation, you could link it too, though that’s not something I’ve commonly seen done.


Thank you Lloyd, it was helpful.

Unfortunately, it was also wrong :frowning:

On further review, in R3 as per the vital signs profile, the requirement is that systolic and diastolic (and possibly mean arterial) will all be sent as components of a single Observation. (Heart rate would be a separate observation.)

So, let’s look at your requirement - why are you wanting them to be separate resources?