Guidance on associating “tagging” non-GP practitioners at patient level

I was asked a seemingly simple question: how can practitioners (non-GPs, e.g., secondary care practitioners) be associated at patient level? To almost “tag” practitioners as being generally associated or related to a patient like a related person or probably more like a GP (but not a GP). This was related to a mental health care setting solution we are working with at a UK hospital.

I was expecting UK Care Connect to have had an answer to this seemingly reasonable request and I was expecting an extension to support this. But also, no!

This got me thinking, perhaps it is not the best practice to do this at patient level.

Can you point me to the best practice to do this? As I just do not want to add another extension to the patient resource if someone else has the best practice for this.


There are two options:
Patient.generalPractitioner allows listing a patient’s primary providers
CareTeam can specify all the practitioners involved in a particular aspect of the patient’s care.