Guide on how to launch hapi fhir starter in tomcat within centos 7


I would like to ask for a guide on how to start up hapi fhir using tomcat and war files. I am trying to launch hapi fhir starter in a centos 7 server. I have been following the quick guide on how to do this in github. unfortunately I can’t seem to make it work.

Thank you in advance for the help!

Can you highlight the specific issues you’re seeing?

Hi Sir,

I am trying to launch hapi fhir stater using tomcat. I followed the instructions in the github page of hapi fhir starter. I changed the database to mysql and it works when I run hapi fhir on my eclipse IDE. I renamed the war file as mentioned in the instructions and then I deployed it on the tomcat server. But I keep on getting a 404 error even after following the instructions carefully.

Thank you

Here is where I am trying to deploy the war file.