Handling experiment data for observations

We have lab results that are represented as Observations, e.g. running a PCR analysis to detect SARS-COV-2. We would like to track which experiment run that yielded the result, what is the preferred way of doing that? Is a “partOf” reference to a Procedure a valid option?

Thank you in advance.

Erik Lindblad

Can you explain more about what an “experiment run” is?

A run is a PCR robot performing the analysis on the samples. Each run contains a number of samples and it is important to track which run a result was produced in.

Observation.partOf(Procedure) is probably the right choice then. If you want a more expert opinion, you might ask on the Orders & Observations stream on chat.fhir.org.

Perfect, then we are at least not completely off. Thx for quick answers.