HAPI: How to customize resource fetching during validation?

Hello :wave:
How can I configure FhirInstanceValidator so that a validation of a QuestionnaireResponse can be performed against a base Questionnaire that is passed as an object, instead of trying to get the Questionnaire by resolving the questionnaire url that is present in QuestionnaireResponse?

Currently, HAPI is trying to fetch the resource using http when encountering a URI, but I would like to fetch the resource from a database instead.

Since this is HAPI specific, I think you’ll get the best response by posting your question directly to the HAPI FHIR group: https://groups.google.com/g/hapi-fhir

Thank you for responding @david.otasek :pray:

I have asked this question in the google group you’ve suggested.

They haven’t answered yet but I’m adding the link here just incase someone else has similar questions. https://groups.google.com/g/hapi-fhir/c/IVtC4LMAZSQ