History of Present Illness HPI in contion

where can i put the doctor opinion and HPI (History of Present Illness HPI) in fhir resource ,
i use a assessments object in condition resource to record this field

@lloyd please advise

Those would typically be captured as Observations

I review FHIR observation resource closely but I did not find any way, not even a unideal way to store the HPI.

HPI consists of this information. There is no way to store Illness and many of these information. Can you please provide the resource fields to store this information.

  • Illness – The illness (COPD, Asthma, Anxiety etc)
  • Body Location: What is the body location of the pain?
  • Quality: Include a description of the quality of the symptom (i.e. sharp pain)
  • Severity: Degree of pain for example can be described on a scale of 1 - 10
  • Duration: How long have you had the pain
  • Timing: Describe when you have pain for example pain with exertion or pain in the evening
  • Context: What is the patient doing when the pain begins
  • Modifying Factors: What makes the pain better or worse
  • Associated Signs and Symptoms: Physician based on assessment may ask about other sensations or feelings for example

Thank you for you help!!

This would typically be captured using Condition
Illness - Condiiton.code
Body Location - Condition.bodySite or pre-coordinated into Condition.code
Quality - typically pre-coordinated into Condition.code, though could be an extension
Severity - Condition.severity or pre-coordinated into Condition.code. Also often captured and tracked as a separate Observation, as it can vary
Duration - Condition.onset
Timing, Context, Modifying Factors - Typically captured as part of Condition.code.text or in Condition.note, but could be an extension
Associated Signs & Symptoms - Observations linked with condition-related extension