HIV / AIDS information

I am new to FHIR, and I am working on a school research project on helping HIV / AIDS patients.
I would like to find patient test data related to HIV / AIDS but I don’t know where to start.
I heard that I need to look at the resources and conditions but I already look into conditions and found none of the AIDS related information there.

I would like to seek your expertise and guidance . I would be greatly all of the help to show me where I can find HIV / AIDS data.

Many Thanks!!

you need to look in Condition and Observation. The challenge is that most of the information you want wil be found in the codes on those resources - tests, diagnoses. And the codes will be highly variable - and depend on which country you are in.

The other challenge is that if you’re looking at public data, you’re either going to be looking at anonymized or synthetic data. The nice thing about synthetic data is if there isn’t any that looks like what you need, you might be able to generate some - check out You might also reach out on to see if anyone is aware of any appropriate annonymized sources.