Hl7 Fhir interfaces for data exchange for software programs in the medical field

As a student intern in my company. I have to implement HL7 Fhir interoperability between our company system and other outside systems. Our company database has the details of patients like (patients name, birthdate, gender, address, height, weight, and patients insurance number) and my company call all these things like master data of patients. These data must be shared with other system software (example software are: Tomedo, DocCirrus (Insuite), Doctolib, Medistar and so on…) like which is generally used by doctors.

I am trying to figure out how to my task for the past four weeks. I know the different country has different medical systems, and I am from Germany.

I wanted to implement all these things using the C# programming language. I also followed Gino Canessa’s Youtube channel Gino Canessa - YouTube to get more knowledge of HL7 Fhir standard using C# programming language.

I hope my question about how to do my task is described in detail. If you need any other details please let me know.

It would be helpful if anyone can guide me in this regard so that I can accomplish my task.

This was already raised on stack overflow and the response there is about what you should expect here too. You’ll need to figure out how you want to share the information. Will you be posting individual resources? Posting a transaction? Sending a message?

What have you actually tried to do? Have you tried using the .NET reference implementation? Have you looked at any of the examples?

To be honest, I don’t know which is the best way either posting individual resources or posting a transaction or sending a message in Fhir Hl7.

Yes, I tried some examples which I found from Gino Canessa’s Youtube channel which was live-coded in the youtube videos. From those videos, I was able to create or update or delete the existing data from already available Fhir Servers like firely server and hapi server. Then, later he showed how to access Smart App Launch from Fhir. Everything was done in C# programming. And Yes, I used .Net reference implementation from firely.

I really thank you for your reply. Your response is available to me. I hope, I am able to clarify your further doubts about my task. With a lot of hope, I am expecting some insights to go ahead in my task.

Did you look at the decision tree I pointed you at with my comment in the Stack Overflow post?

I am sorry. I have not looked at it. I am looking into it. I hope this helps me.

Also, please let me know if there are any further steps which I have to do it.

Not yet, Its quite big I am looking into it.


The above link is for Decision tree right!

There’ll be lots of steps. Figure out what you want to achieve. Figure out what the systems involved are capable of or what parts of them you have access to to be able to extend. Think about everything on the security checklist in terms of protecting the data from inappropriate access or manipulation. Map your data elements and ask questions when the mappings are unclear. Build and test the API. Get permission for it to be actually used. And probably quite a few steps that I haven’t thought of. It’s not a small task. Your current question is sort of the equivalent of “How do I drive a car?” It’s not the sort of thing that can be usefully answered on a support site.