HL7 Patient Name to FHIR Patient Name Property Mapping when it contains Double Quotes


When we receive Patient SurName in the form of Double Quotes which i mentioned Below , we are parsing it in the Javascript to pass through . We are doing it in two methods : 1) Using escape Function in Javascript which converts the Name in ASCII Format and 2 ) We are Just adding " to ". Which option is correct and in FHIR how Patient Name type should be in this scenario.

Eg : HL7 PID : 5 - John “Doe”

We are converting it in 2 ways : 1) John “Doe”
2) John %20%22Doe%22

So, when this data sent as a FHIR JSON, Is this the correct way to send ?

I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you asking how to properly escape " in javascript? if so: \ ". Else, what is the " trying to do?

Here my question is , Is that okay if we send Data in “Doe” Format. FHIR Standard also accepts this right ?
Or should we send in ASCII Representation like %20%22Doe%22 ?

well, it’s legal to do, I guess. It’s completely uncertain what will happen in any given clinical application