HL7 Test Data needed

Hi all,

I need some HL7-V2 test data (patients and locations). I already asked, see below, but got no response. Can anyone provide me with a file containing arbitrary/random HL7-V2 test data so I can make my first steps in decoding and processing it?

What I need ist enough data to dietify a specific patient (name, birthday, is) and location/encounters data so I can find the room where the patient has his bed.

Thanks, Armin.

This forum is aimed at the HL7 FHIR community. You probably won’t find a whole lot of v2 people hanging out here. You might have more luck on the chat.fhir.org site, which despite its name, has been co-opted for all HL7 discussion. There’s a specific stream targeted at v2. (FHIR Community)