HL7 to FHIR mapping: Observation - link to the parent result

Hi all,

I have a question about HL7-to-FHIR mapping and would appreciate any help.

We receive an observation group as HL7 message where OBR-11 (Specimen Action Code) value is ‘G’. That means that this is a ‘reflex order’ - lab generated result for test not on the original order.
Also it contains OBR-29 and OBR-26 values that refer to the parent result that caused a Reflex.

And I need to map this to FHIR Observation.

Can I use Observation.derivedFrom field to include a reference to the parent FHIR Observation? Or maybe there is another way to add such links?

OBR generally maops to DiagnosticReport - that would be DiagnosticReport.basedOn