HL7 UK FHIR Training Course / May 25-26, London UK

HL7 UK will host a 2-day FHIR Overview training course, May 25-26th, in London.

Should you, (a colleague of yours?) wish to get up to speed on FHIR in a focused 2-day hands-on session, then please consider attending. See http://www.hl7.org.uk/training/FHIRoverview.asp for details.


Great to see HL7 FHIR Training happening across Europe!

If you are in the Asia-Pacific Region, please see www.ehealthtraining.com.au/hl7-fhir for fast-track HL7 FHIR Courses in which you will learn hands-on how to create FHIR transactions.

Over 50 participants have taken the course and many are now trialing and implementing FHIR!