How are Coverage and InsurancePlan connected?

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I’m interested in getting information about a patient’s insurance benefits. The only resource I found that knows about benefits is InsurancePlan. Since InsurancePlan does not reference a patient, I assume that that the connection is Patient->Coverage->InsurancePlan. I’m I right by assuming that the connection between Coverage and InsurancePlan is via Coverage.class?

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Yes you are correct.

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Could you please clarify how to link Coverage with InsurancePlan ? in my opinion the most relevant section is the class but it contains the name of plan not reference to it, is that correct ?



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I agree that class can be used to link to the InsurancePlan.

The class, besides the name also has the value attribute. Take a look:


You can use it to identify the InsurancePlan associated with the coverage.


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Yes, but you need to find the InsurancePlan which has class attributes matching the Coverage.class attributes.

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