How can set CustomResource in Bundle?


I’m implementing a “@operation” and I have a problem, for instance I would like return a Bundle of CustomResource and I received this message:

"must be a resource unless there’s a request or response [resource.exists() or request.exists() or response.exists()]".

How can I resolve it?
Can I return a Bundle with @operation of a CustomResource?

This problem happen only in @operation, if I return a @seach normally this problem not is truth for this CustomResource.


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What does your instance look like?

I created a CustomResource that extends DomainResource.

I think this problem is related with HapiFhir API because when I implements a CustomResource its resourceType is null.

This problem occur only in @operation when I try put this resource in a Bundle. If I use @search this problem don’t occur

If you’re defining custom resources, you’re outside the scope of the FHIR spec (and non-conformant with it). I’ll ask James to comment on whether HAPI supports custom resources within a Bundle…

I’m so grate for your atention.

Thanks so much.

I will wait for James answer.