How do I get a list of patients in the ICU?

Hi, I am using FHIR v4.0.1 currently.

I would like to get a list of all the patients in the ICU. I don’t think I can’t do that in “patient” resource directly. Upon searching and reading the fhir documentation, I found out that “encounter” resource can help me with that. However, I don’t know which property of encounter to use to do that. Any suggestions?

encounter.class has a defined value as “emergency”, can this be it ?

If you know the id of the ICU, you can use the location-period parameter to search for patients who are in that location ‘now’.

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There isn’t good agreement about how to represent patient location in encounter. There’s too many decades of deeply embedded patient management practice in existing systems and instutions, which mean that this question can only be answered with certainty by asking how patients are managed at a particular institution.

but the most likely answer here is class = inpatient, and location points to a resource for ICU

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