How to convert HL7 aECG into FHIR

Hello, I am new to FHIR and am researching how to convert aECG into FHIR.
I’ve searched a lot and couldn’t find how to convert aECG to FHIR.
If you could help, I would be very grateful.


Can you explain what an aECG is?

Thanks for your reply.
HL7 aECG (the HL7 Annotated Electrocardiogram) is a standard medical record data format for storing and retrieving electrocardiogram data for a patient. Like other HL7 formats, it is XML based.
FHIR can also store ECG data, so I want to know how to convert aECG into FHIR, is there a profile?


I am not aware of any… you can search for a profile here:

There is, however, an example ECG in the FHIR build here: Observation-example-sample-data - FHIR v4.3.0