How to Create a Identifier for a Patient Resource in C#?


I am Try to Create a Fhir Resource of Patient I need a help creating identifier for my patient resource in c#?

Its Urgent

It’s a lot easier to provide help if you indicate what you’ve tried so far and what problems you’re running into…

I feel problem in system uri how to generate the uri?

The Identifier.system needs to be a URI (ideally a URL) that is specific to the ‘namespace’ of identifiers the specific identifier is pulled from. For regional identifiers (e.g. social insurance number, social security number, provincial health number, etc.) there may already be a URI defined that must be used. For local identifiers such as medical record numbers, the scope of the system is dependent on how the system works. Typically, it’ll be one URL for all MRNs coming from a single hospital/clinic. However, some clinics may have multiple systems which each assign their own MRN - which means you need a distinct URL for each. And other clinics may share a single master patient index, which means they’ll share the Identifier.system URL across those patients.