How to create FHIR R5 project on

The simplifier only provide creation of DSTU2, STU3, R4 version of FHIR project, if I want to create Implementattion guide of FHIR R5 specification on FORGE, how can I create FHIR R5 project on simplifier?
thank you

R5 isn’t yet stable. It’s expected to be released later this month. I expect Simplifier will provide full support for it a little while after that.


Thanks @lloyd, indeed.

@Jeshika, we’re currently working on making FHIR R4B (the latest stable release) available in Simplifier, which I expect in the coming weeks. A first preview of R5 may follow directly after that, or we may decide to wait for the stable release.

If you do want to get started with R4B or R5 now, feel free to use Forge and Firely Terminal and store your resources in, for example, a GitHub repository until then.

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thanks it so helpful :blush:

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