How to do paging inside some resource with restful?

I’m using CodeSystem resource to manage our dictionary-like data, and I’m listing all concepts inside the Codesystem Resource,like this:

<CodeSystem xmlns="">
<id value="gender_dict"/>
<name value="gender of person"/>
	<code value="1"/>
	<display value="male"/>
	<code value="2"/>
	<display value="female"/>

I know there is a way to do paging with RESOURCE, not concept:


But what should I do with ONE Codesystem Resource that contains thousands of concepts(like LOINC, ICD-10)? Do I have to return the CodeSystem with all the concepts at once? Is there a proper restful API for concepts?


Not at present. We’ve talked about the notion of introducing a ‘concept’ resource for this purpose, but no decision has been made as-yet. One thing that is available is paging within value set expansions, so you can page through the codes in a code system by running an expansion on a value set that encompasses the whole system.

Or you can use graphQL if the server supports that

Got it. Thank you guys!