How to find the code by display value in CodeSystem or ValueSet

the $find-match operation can only use to match the property value. How do I find the possible matching codes by input the display value or designation value?

And the same requirement is how do find code by display value in ValueSet?

There’s no standard way to do that - in part because display values and designations don’t have to be unique in the code system. As well, value sets can override display values and code system supplements can define new ones, meaning it’s possible the display value used won’t be one defined within the CodeSystem at all. Doing it by value set might be more feasible, as they should be unique within a value set, though there’s no guarantee. ValueSet’s $expand operation has a filter parameter that limits the codes returned to those that contain the specified string in their display value. That’s what most systems would probably use for looking up a set of candidate codes by their display value.

thanks, the $expand filter is good for ValueSet.but Is there any way to find matching codes by display in CodeSystem? the display don’t have to be unique since the result can be a list.
for example, if I want find the possible codes for “Glomerular disorders in blood diseases and disorders involving the immune mechanism” in ICD-10 which provided a CodeSystem endpoint?

Not right now - you could propose a new operation.

ok, for now, I’ll use the canonical value set of the entire code system instead.